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The world has fallen in love with The Love Vixen. Whether you’re unhappy in your current relationship, having trouble lowering those walls around your untrusting heart, or needing advice on how to deal with jealousy, the Love Vixen is there for you. This short read is an introduction into the world of The Love Vixen.

The Love Vixen began as the author of a simple relationship blog that exploded into an international sensation. She’s often seen on television talk shows offering her expertise, and even on QTC, promoting her bestselling book, Love Like a PB&J Sammie.

Watch parties form for her weekly posts. Coffee shops host Love Vixen events, where her podcasts have become social happenings. Water cooler debates over her content are all the rage. Love Vixen memes are everywhere on social media and Love Vixen merch is flooding the market!

The Love Vixen’s quirky answers and straight-shooting advice are taking the world by storm. Her platform has blown up, resulting in much reflection from both men and women, opening the lines of communication on those tough relationship subjects.

This short read introduces you to the trending phenomenon known as The Love Vixen and kicks off a year of LV books. Eleven amazing authors have been given the rights to develop Love Vixen inspired stories, each based on one of her most liked blog posts and to be released monthly.

**Disclaimer: The Love Vixen concept, letters, posts, and advice are works of fiction. The LV is not a licensed doctor or trained professional, or even a real person. The guidance she gives should probably not be followed because everything is made up by the authors.

***Let’s Talk Love introduces you to The Love Vixen and gives you a peek inside her life. The Love Vixen ultimately finds her HEA in December in My Bet’s on Love.

Meet the Author!


USA Today Bestselling author Lizabeth Scott loves to read and write stories about quirky, endearing heroines and the strong, handsome heroes who love them to distraction. She promises you a few laughs along the way with some steamy and charming moments thrown in but always a happy ever after.


“Is that what you’re going to wear?”

Mina Routh looked down at her designer Pamella Orlando gown. “You don’t like it?” she asked, confused why her fiancée didn’t like the ten-thousand-dollar off-the-shoulder gown that had been made specifically for her. She’d loved the violet sequin and crystal ombre gown the moment she saw Pamella’s sketch.

“The dress is fine. I told you to let my trainer work with you. Monica would have gotten your shoulders and abs in shape to do justice to a dress like that.” And with that parting shot, Devin picked up his tuxedo jacket and left the room.

Mina gave herself a critical look in the mirror. Her shoulders were bare in the strapless gown, but she didn’t see anything wrong. Maybe they were a little too rounded. She supposed the bodice and waist might be a bit tight, but if it was any looser, the gown would fall off.

“Mina! Come on, the limo is here.”

She frowned at her image and reached into the closet, pulling out a shawl. Tonight was Devin’s big night. She didn’t want to do anything to ruin it for him. If he didn’t like her gown, she’d just keep her shawl on. Compromise was the thing good relationships were built on.

She had to run to keep up with him as they made their way to the elevator. Once they were in the hotel lobby, his bodyguards escorted them to the waiting limousine.

“This is so exciting,” she said as the California traffic breezed past them. She’d visited California before for work, but she’d never experienced it with an Emmy-nominated actor.

“It’s nothing like an Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre,” Devin replied and pulled his phone from the pocket inside his tuxedo jacket.

Mina’s heart gave a little surge at the sight of Devin Markus in formal wear. It had to be said, he was just a beautiful man. His sharply defined chin and cheekbones, his dirty blonde hair, his sparkling blue eyes, and even the perfectly manicured scruff on his jawline all combined to push past the handsome level to beautiful.

Devin sighed and started typing on his phone. He was probably answering another famous actor who was congratulating him on his nomination. Devin was tonight’s projected winner for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role as the evil king of Westerlos.

With all the awards traffic, it took them almost forty minutes to go only a few blocks to the venue from their hotel. Mina had been to plenty of awards shows, but nothing on the scale of the Emmys.

Devin kept his head stuck in his phone until they pulled up to the red carpet. “This is it. Remember to smile until we get inside. The paps love nothing more than to catch you with an ugly expression on your face.”

“Yes, of course, Dev,” Mina replied calmly, trying to ease his nervousness and anxiety. She’d learned this lesson very well after being made into a meme when a paparazzi caught her eating a hot dog on the streets of New York.

Devin tapped on the window glass and the door opened. He exited the vehicle into an immediate rush of flashes going off and people calling his name. Excited fans cheered in the background. Devin took his moment and waved to the crowd before being swallowed up by the media mob that lined the red carpet.

Mina struggled to get out of the back seat with her dress in place, all the while maintaining a serene smile on her face. Thankfully she had her Spanx on so she didn’t have to worry about flashing someone. She felt her heel come out of her left shoe and froze. Glancing up, she saw that Devin was too far ahead to give her a hand.

One of the attendants noticed her dilemma and asked, “May I help you, ma’am?”

She gave a small nod while maintaining her smile. “Thank you, yes, please.” Mina took his hand and was able to maneuver out of the car with her shoes still on her feet and not trapped in the voluminous skirt of her dress. As soon as she was standing on the edge of the red carpet, it was her name being shouted. The car pulled away and she longingly watched it go. She would have loved to dive back in and go home, put her jammies on, and watch the awards show on television.

“Hey, Vixen! Look over here!”

“It’s The Love Vixen!”

“Love Vixen, can we have a shot?”

“Is it true you’re going to be a special guest on Game of Kings with your fiancé?”

Mina kept her smile on and her face void of reaction as she hurried to catch up with Devin. She pulled her shawl tighter over her shoulders and smiled, while on the inside she was a nervous mess. She just had to remember that tonight she was “The Love Vixen,” not Mina Routh.

She found Devin being interviewed by one of the entertainment shows’ hosts. He pulled her against him with an arm around her and smiled down at her with such a loving gaze, her heart almost stopped. Robin Wilds asked about their engagement and if a wedding date had been decided. Mina smiled and let Devin answer. As if they’d tell the public when they were getting married. Actually, they hadn’t been able to set a date. With her schedule and his so packed, it was looking like it would be a while.

Each of the hosts tried to get her to engage, but she only gave yes and no answers and then deferred to Devin. She didn’t want to take any of the attention away from him. Although her publicist wanted her to do interviews on the red carpet, she’d declined, saying the night belonged to Devin.

They moved down the red carpet closer to the entrance slowly, Devin keeping her close to his side through each interview segment. Then, out of the blue, he even kissed her softly on the lips which caused a media frenzy of flashes and shouts of “do it again!” They shared a private smile and promises of more to come.

Mina’s feet were killing her by the time they finally stepped inside the air-conditioned building, away from the intrusive cameras. Devin’s arm dropped and he stepped away. “Hey, there’s Robert. I’m going to go talk to him; can you find your way to our table?”

“Ummm, sure,” she answered, not at all happy about being deserted. But she needed to remember Devin was probably nervous and talking to his director would ease his nerves.

She was stopped a dozen or more times on her way to their table by people she’d only ever seen on television or in the movies. Each of them wanted a moment to tell her how much her work was an inspiration and needed in today’s society. It was all she could do to keep her cool and not go all fangirl and ask for a picture with them. That would totally blow her image. She couldn’t wait to tell Jodi. Her best friend would freak out when she told her The Rock kissed her cheek.

As it turned out, she shouldn’t have worried about being alone. By the time she made it to their table, Devin was already there, looking none too happy.

“Where have you been?” he asked. Even though there was a smile on his face, the tone of his voice wasn’t pleased. Devin’s nerves must have really been getting to him.

She took her seat beside him. “I’m sorry, Dev. Several people stopped me to talk.”

Devin held up his champagne flute and a waiter hurried to fill it. “It wasn’t very considerate of you to make me sit alone while you were networking.”

“That’s not what was happening. They stopped me.” Mina held up her own glass, but the waiter had already moved to another table. She set the glass back down.

“You know how nervous I am. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t very nice of you.”

“I’m sorry, Dev. I should have been more considerate. I was just excited to see so many famous people. I know you’re used to this all the time, but for me it’s unbelievable.” She was feeling rather guilty for not thinking of what he must be going through. He was under such a far-reaching microscope at events like this, it was perfectly normal for him to be on edge.

The rest of the cast joined them at the table with his leading lady, Marissa Malpas, on his left side. Mina had met most of the cast members, but Marissa, the blonde bombshell, she’d only seen on television. Devin said she was a diva to work with and that the love scenes they had to do were difficult and long because of Marissa and her demanding ways.

Devin had even worked with her privately on scenes, hoping to make the filming easier. Mina couldn’t understand how such a veteran actor could be so incompetent and need so much help to perform her part.

Devin and his show ended up sweeping most of the categories. The only dark spot was when Devin’s name was announced as the winner in the Best Actor category; he’d stood and kissed Marissa before taking the stage and she’d been left with the same forced smile on her face as she clapped and cheered him on. She wouldn’t—couldn’t—let the cameras catch her doubting their relationship. She was sure it was just all the excitement that made him forget to kiss or hug her. And she was positive it was nerves that made him forget to mention her in his acceptance speech.

That’s all it was. Nerves.